We are four time Best Awards finalists!

— Posted. Sep 2012

NV Interactive are delighted to have secured four finalists in the interactive category of this year's Best Design Awards.

The four finalists spots are across both the small and large scale website categories.  This was out of a total of 20 finalists giving us 20% of the available spots. Given the level of talent showcased in the awards this is an absolutely outstanding result.

The Best Design Awards is the annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product and interactive design. It is the benchmark of good design within the New Zealand creative industry. Run by The Designers Institute of New Zealand, these annual awards showcase excellence across the design spectrum, including interactive design. They are New Zealand's premier award within the creative community.

Here's a preview of our best work from 2012.

The Project Office

This design is based on an architectural style. Nods to the mid-century aesthetic, and to modern minimalist design. The emphasis on typography and grid, visible grid lines make the grid a design feature. Diagonal lines help illustrate how the grid is proportioned vertically. This is a responsive design based on a flexible grid and scales vertically and horizontally.

View the Best Awards submission
Visit the Project Office website

Baker Boys

Commissioned photography and design was used to establish a voice for baker boys as it enters the international market. It was essential to make the products look good and tasty in the factory environment  this was to help position them as a manufacturer and not a retail outlet.

View the Best Awards submission
Visit the Baker Boys website


The challenge was to build a site that displayed strong design and layout, while remaining editable by the client. The strong typographic values and full screen photography and textures, layered with subtle gradients give the site richness and depth.

View the Best Awards submission
View the vBase website


Quakestories is a website dedicated to archiving the stories behind the Canterbury Earthquakes perhaps the most significant event in New Zealand history.

In Collaboration with Ministry of Culture of Heritage the purpose of this site is to capture the human stories a pure un -edited first hand perspective of this tragedy.

This website is all about the written word, so there is a strong emphasis on typographical elements. Been a very sensitive subject matter we needed to avoid any frivolous or gimmicky features. We also didn't want to dictate the purpose of the site so tried to build the site with a minimum of explicit messaging to let users project their own intentions onto the site.

View the Best Awards submission
View the Quakestories website

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