Windows 8 is here! And NV are leading the way.

October 2012

Today Microsoft launched Windows 8 to the world and forever changed the way that we use computers. And NV is leading the charge having developed a range of world class Windows 8 apps for ESPN and other global brands.

Today Microsoft launched Windows 8 to the world and forever changed the way that we use computers.

Here at NV, we recognised the opportunities presented by Windows 8 in early 2012 and had completed our first project by May. This app for New Zealand Cricket was one of the very first projects published into the then nearly empty Windows Store.

NV are now proud to have four major apps live in store ahead of the October 26th worldwide launch.

These include two apps for global publishing giant ESPN for cricket and football as well as an app for iconic kiwi brand Chelsea Sugar supporting their highly successful Recipe Club.

Each of these apps have been cited by Microsoft as stunning examples of what this platform is capable of.

For further information and screenshots of our apps view them in the Windows Store.

ESPN Cricinfo Screenshot ESPN Cricinfo | View in Windows Store
ESPN FC Screenshot
NZC Screenshot
New Zealand Cricket

Chelsea Sugar

As Microsofts one billion existing Windows users begin to move to the new app-based Windows 8 platform, the race is on to develop apps to cater for this huge audience

Windows 8 offers an unprecedented opportunity for brands and publishers to create their mark on a brand new platform.

What’s so special about Windows 8?

The Windows 8 user interface is the most radical redesign of the operating system since Windows 95 was released over 17 years ago.

This is Windows redesigned for the connected user, from the ground up. Its built around the concept of touch and includes a Start screen which is an app-based layout of tiles that can be interacted with through touch or with a mouse.

A Windows 8 login will make users customised layout, apps and especially content like photos and documents available across multiple devices.

Microsoft also set out to modernize the user experience with Windows 8. Instead of static icons, apps now have animated “live tiles” on the Start screen that serve up fresh information to the user at regular intervals.

Sam Moreau, Director of Design and Research for Windows at Microsoft says “We have a design philosophy, and one of the aspects of it is putting the information that you care about at your fingertips. Everything else we want to recede. It should be the best presentation of the thing the person cares about. It’s their photos — it’s not wrapping it in big buttons that say it’s a photo. You don’t need that,”

“There’s tons of stuff on the Internet,” says Moreau, “And your computer basically has this little straw called a browser to see all this. We didn’t think that should be the case. The whole device should be about that. Part of what the Start screen is really about is making all this activity — these people that you care about, and all this information you are interested in— sort of explode so you’re immersed in it.”

And that is where NV comes in.

The combination of the strength of Windows, the simplicity of the Windows 8 design language and the power of touch is going to create a new future for computing as we know it.

If you’d like to know more about Windows 8 and the opportunities that exist for your business, brand or channel, please get in touch.

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