Sharing NV’s Windows 8 success at TechEd New Zealand

September 2012

Sharing the secrets of NV’s transition from award winning web agency to one of the world’s premier Windows 8 application developers.

Every year the New Zealand development community descends on Auckland for the largest conference in the country - Microsoft TechEd.  With nearly 2,500 delegates, TechEd 2012 is the premier event on the development calendar and a great opportunity to connect with the latest in Microsoft technologies.

This year, the team at NV featured prominently.

Not only were we featured in the keynote address for the second year running, but several of the NV team also presented a sold out session about how we have successfully transformed our web agency into one of the world's premier Windows 8 application developers.

This year’s keynote feature highlighted our recent work with a number of high profile Windows 8 clients. This  involved a film crew rocking up to our Christchurch studio for some face time with our Technical Director, Gus Pickering. You can check it out here.

We were also asked to present a session on what it takes to make world class Windows 8 apps and why we’ve transformed our internationally awarded web design & development agency to do so.

Again Gus was centre stage, sharing how building Windows 8 Apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript can be design lead, draw from the Windows 8 design language and how you can leverage your team’s existing web skills to deliver genuinely exciting new experiences for your clients and products.  He also gave practical advice on architecting an application for one to a million users based on real world experiences doing just that.

Sam (Senior Designer) shared how he adapted his web design skills to the Windows 8 design language & gave his interpretation of what these guiding principles mean in the real world. Zach (Senior Developer) spoke about the challenges faced in moving from C# on the desktop and web to writing structured JavaScript apps that are both scalable and maintainable.

The standing room only session wrapped up with live demonstrations of our recently launched New Zealand Cricket and ESPN Cricinfo Windows 8 applications.

You can check out the session recording here:

All in all a very successful TechEd - the team are already looking forward to 2013!

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