Reimagining Arlo’s website to add personal touch

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Reimagining Arlo’s website to add personal touch

Arlo is a world leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for training service providers.  The New Zealand company began life 10 years ago with the mission to create an easier way to train businesses, providing them with the tools and information they needed.

We helped rename their brand several years ago and were now asked to drive a digitally-led brand and product repositioning exercise to prepare for their expansion into the United Kingdom.

We helped shift Arlo from selling software features to highlighting the customers’ emotional state after Arlo solves their problems – a bold positioning for an enterprise-focussed SaaS provider. This direction was informed by the insight that most purchasing customers followed the recommendations of their training administrators – the users of the system - and the site needed to speak to them.

To complete the personal touch, we commissioned hand-drawn iconography which was used throughout the site to clearly label and categorise the product benefits as opposed to product features.

We broke Arlo’s brand messaging up into simple and memorable phrases using striking colour, typography and iconography. 

Even more bold was the embrace of a cliched and purposefully cheesy comic book aesthetic, with references to the infamous ‘kapow’ and ‘bammo’ of the classic 1960s Batman TV series and its ilk. This aesthetic differentiates them completely from all other players in their sector and boldly proclaims Arlo as different.

Customer reaction has been swift and absolute – website users love the new design and inbound sales leads have tripled since launch. A tangible reminder that sometimes ‘bad’ design delivers the best results.


Custom icons & imagery

Our illustrative approach weaves through all visual assets and hand-drawn iconography, using positive onomatopoeia expressions to emphasise the 'Yes!' moment that users feel when using the Arlo product and promoting product benefits over features.

Tools, Widgets and Web Controls

Access a full range of pre-built widgets and tools, designed specifically for training provider websites, and available across all Arlo web technologies.

Arlo Help and Support Forum

This comprehensive forum area hopes to collectively answer all questions and queries. Continuing the strong colour palette and typographic structure, the look and feel runs through all the Arlo content and support environments.

“NV quickly understood that we didn’t want a generic tech website – we wanted to be bold and stand out. As we weaved our way through the creative process, we grew to trust their advice and wisdom, and were impressed with their focus to hit deliverables – on time and on budget. Arlo is now a global leader in training management software – a big thanks to the NV team for helping us get there!”

Jonny Corlett Marketing Manager