Top Gear is one of the BBC's most-loved programmes worldwide. Now we're giving the show's millions of fans something they've never had before: the ability to go head-to-head with Jeremy Clarkson.

The BBC have been extending the Top Gear brand into the app space, and asked us to help create an interactive entertainment experience for mobile. The new Top Gear Cool Wall Windows 8 app takes what used to be a passive viewing experience and turns it into a fun engagment with the show's stars.

Fans love the show's controversial 'Cool Wall' segment, where Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond rank cars depending on how 'cool' they are by placing photos into designated zones on a wall ranging from 'Seriously Uncool' and 'Uncool' to 'Cool' and even 'Sub Zero'.

Now the app lets fans pit their own rankings against the show's. Choose a car and assign a coolness rating to it, then find out if Clarkson and Hammond think you've got it right.

The app comes preloaded with over 370 cars complete with photos, stats and a short (and often humourous) description taken from the show. Fans can access the official Cool Wall ratings and rearrange them to their liking, or create their own personalised Cool Walls (with the ability to add new models) and share their walls through email, Facebook and Twitter.

NV Interactive produced a range of Windows 8 applications for us in the BBCW UK Publishing team, that went live in March 2013. The applications are highly-rated, with a clean look and feel, delivered to us on time and on budget. The NV team have been great to work with and the Product and Content teams speak highly of them and their ability to remain flexible and adaptable” Chris Kerwin
Head of UK Publishing at BBC Worldwide

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