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NV was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand over twenty years ago, and we remain deeply connected to the city.  We are proud to work on the world stage from this resilient and incredibly vibrant city, and even prouder to have the opportunity to help reinvent how our hometown engages with the world.

ChristchurchNZ is tasked with developing and promoting our beautiful region, through igniting bold ambition & excitement in our people, connecting change-makers, driving economic activity and attracting visitors to Christchurch and Canterbury. And the reimagined ChristchurchNZ.com website is the primary channel for delivering these goals.

On one level, this project was about consolidating over 15 separate digital channels into a single cohesive presence catering to all aspects of ChristchurchNZ’s diverse audiences.  This reimagined site needed to serve broader business objectives in order that Christchurch and Canterbury wasn't just seen as just a tourism destination but as a dynamic hub that attracts and provides opportunity for lifestyle, entrepreneurial development, tertiary education and conference hosting, as well as acknowledging and celebrating its role as both the Antarctic Gateway and the cinematic backdrop to many successful films.

On a deeper level, this was about igniting bold ambition for the city and region.  This was done through embracing a narrative of exploration, a central tenet of ChristchurchNZ’s mission. In Christchurch, exploration is part of who we are; it is part of what has shaped us.  We are hardwired to challenge the status quo, to imagine, explore and discover what’s next.  Christchurch is a city founded on that spirit; our history was built on it, and our future will be created by it.

This mantra of exploration framed our strategic and creative approach to delivering a future focused foundational digital platform to help serve ChristchurchNZ in creating an exciting and bold new future for the region.

It was critical that the site presented a consistent & intuitive navigation scheme, catering to the diverse audience. A comprehensive UX exercise was undertaken with a focus on mapping, organising, structuring and labelling content in an effective and sustainable way to ensure that ChristchurchNZ was able to easily and autonomously manage content going forward.

Creatively, the visual design needed to be both uncluttered but quietly confident, guiding the user through an exploration of the site.  The use of typography and colour throughout the site is balanced with evocative and emotive imagery, utilising the established brand palette to indicate importance of information hierarchy and clear calls to action.

The inspiration filter See & Do was conceived as a central exploration device, and guided users to content relevant to their needs, with rich, striking and powerful photography paired with emotive editorial content. Aspirational wayfinding pillars such as Explore the Unforgettable, Expect the Unexpected, Experience the Extraordinary tempted the user to explore further.

There is no doubt that the new ChristchurchNZ website has a critical role to play in building on Ōtautahi Christchurch’s strong reputation as a basecamp for exploration and innovation.


An immersive See & Do inspiration filter

Very much the Oracle of the website, the immersive See & Do tool collates ideas and provides inspiration sourced from a full catalogue of venues, businesses, events and activities throughout Christchurch and Canterbury. Sourcing and displaying up-to-date information as well as curated content and Editor Picks, users are able to search and sort vast amounts of information based on their event, activities and location preferences.

Guided exploration

The interactive destination map breaks Canterbury into nine distinct regions, mapping where each is situated within the South Island. The integrated destination picker enables users to gain insights and suggestions to all that can be seen and experienced throughout Christchurch and Canterbury.

Convention planning tools

From being able to locate the most suitable venues and event services, to keeping abreast of the latest news, we provided a platform to help connect conference organisers to all the experts required to make their conference the perfect destination for connecting and learning.

Business Support

The Business section of the website has enabled the client to aggregate their disparate content into clear and helpful pathways for those looking to setup or move their businesses to Christchurch and Canterbury. Helpful guides, case studies, enablers and networks, are all brought together in a single space which makes it easier for businesses and talent to interact and connect.

“NV's intelligent processes allowed us to deliver an online experience that resonates with multiple and diverse audiences, no matter whether they want to explore, live, study, meet, film, or do business here.

“It was such an added bonus that we worked with a local partner like NV who not only understood our city, region and people, but who enable us to tell an authentic story about our place for the world to see.

Matthew Dickinson Digital Marketing Manager – ChristchurchNZ