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A Maori knowledge hub digital solution for Tupu NZ

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Te Puni Kōkiri
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A Maori knowledge hub digital solution for Tupu NZ

We teamed up with Te Puni Kōkiri, the Ministry of Māori Development, to establish a digital solution that could help whānau connect with, develop and invest in whenua Māori. As a result, was created to support whānau aspirations for Māori freehold land — to grow whānau through whenua.

It was co-designed in collaboration with a group of Māori landowners to ensure we built a website that would meet the needs of the end users. This collaboration planted the seed for We worked together to define the tools, resources, and information that could help whānau start to unlock the opportunities for their whenua.

The first-phase website launch is considered the first chapter for, with the ambition to continue to create more resources and information for the site in an ongoing fashion.

In 2019, Minister Mahuta announced the Whenua Māori Programme — a four-year programme to unlock the potential of whenua Māori. The programme, co-led by Te Puni Kōkiri and the Ministry of Justice, included plans to create a website with up-to-date land profiles, to help landowners connect, develop and invest in their whenua. supports the Whenua Māori Programme by helping Māori landowners navigate the complex journey of land ownership. Providing step-by-step pathways through complex tasks — offering users valuable guidance about who to talk to, and what to do next — the site ultimately inspires them to take action. The project followed a consultative process throughout, using discovery and ideation workshops to inform the end product and structured rounds of user testing to validate project concepts and website iterations.

Collaboration was very much at the heart of the project, pulling together multiple stakeholders into a unified team in order to achieve an outcome that was technically complex but highly accessible and useful — a critical combination given the diverse needs of the target audience. Alongside a wealth of helpful information and rich content split into three core categories, the finished product included a powerful and up-to-date land block search function, a library of land use fact sheets, a governance health check tool and the ability to search for funding opportunities. It’s hoped the website will prove to be a means of helping whānau shape the future of their whenua for many generations to come.


"Whānau development through whenua is an ongoing aspiration for whānau Māori and Māori Freehold Landowners. Whānau require access to information that is both relevant and appropriate and provides a range of resources and information to support them to make informed decisions." 

Jo Taite Whenua Māori Programme Advisory Service Lead