BBC Earth Wonders App

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BBC Worldwide
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Strategy UX Design Build

BBC Earth Wonders

Did you know that Mexico’s Cave of Swallows is deeper than the Empire State Building? Your kids do. We’ve been helping the BBC use its massive natural history archives to create a fun children’s app that taps into geography, history and the natural sciences.

BBC Earth Wonders is a bespoke Windows app aimed at school-age children and featuring content from landmark BBC TV series such as Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Life. With stunning HD video and over 500 beautiful images from renowned photographers, the app encourages discovery through image-rich content and fun facts. It's an all-ages multimedia encyclopedia for exploring our planet's wonders

Information spans topics from ancient ruins and geologic formations to nature and wildlife – everything from Crystal Caves to Hot Tub Monkeys. Each point of interest has a high definition video, a gallery of full-screen images plus fascinating facts written by the BBC’s natural history team.

An amazing project to be involved in, working with some of the greatest natural history content ever created!


“The applications are highly-rated, with a clean look & feel, delivered to us on time & on budget. The NV team have been great to work with and the Product & Content teams speak highly of them.”

Chris Kerwin Head of UK Publishing at BBC Worldwide