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Gateway to discovery at Christchurch's international airport

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Christchurch Airport
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Christchurch Airport

Christchurch Airport is a bustling hub for travellers and a huge contributor to the New Zealand economy. The airport team is committed to providing a world-class experience, building great commercial relationships, and growing the prosperity and wellbeing of Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island.

Tasked not just with managing the smooth transit of both inbound and outbound travellers and freight, the company is also responsible for its commercial and business park development together with long-term terminal and campus plans up to and beyond 2040.

The previous website for Christchurch Airport though functional, was in need of a refresh that not only provided a user-centric approach towards information display and discovery, but that also enabled travellers and businesses, local and international, access to all its content across all devices, platforms and responsive environments.

NV Interactive worked in tandem with an IT solution company, Intergen, where we provided strategy, UX, design and implementation, and they, the CMS - Episerver Digital Experience Cloud software platform. This partnership came together to address and resolve the issues at hand.

Being both a public and commercial services website, the information types, formats and displays were broad. Everything from live flight times, parking offers, food and shopping, and commercial opportunities needed to be managed and reside within a robust platform.

This challenging project required NV to work within predefined guidelines and modular approaches to information display. It was key that we provided intuitive pathways to information and divided the screen real estate appropriately based on user needs and goals from the perspective of a traveller or commercial business.


Travellers: Enhancing the customer journey

Ensuring visibility of flight information and parking options is key to the design of the website. Our UX-led process ensures it’s easy for visitors to discover shops, eateries and activities on offer at the airport.

Commercial: Business Opportunities

The website includes information and opportunities for business partnerships in a range of areas, from retail and property to freight and logistics together with showcasing the business development plan and framework to deliver future growth.

"The new and improved UX provides our visitors with an intuitive and engaging digital experience and the fresh design now reflects our brand. Most of our users access the site on a mobile device so optimising the mobile experience was key."

Sarah Carrick-Leslie Marketing Manager – Brand and Retail