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Christchurch Arts Festival

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Christchurch Arts Festival
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Christchurch Arts Festival

Every two years, the Christchurch Arts Festival turns the city into a creative landscape designed to capture the minds & hearts of its people. 

The CAF has been part of our world for the last 10 years through our sponsorships of some of New Zealand’s most creative and successful festivals. In fact, we have served over 1m people across the last 3 festivals – in a country of just 5m!

Like the festival itself, the website has two gears, the build up and the live festival. In the pre-festival period, the website focuses on promoting the shows & ticket sales, but as the festival kicks into gear, it becomes a daily & weekly diary of what’s on.

Within the content of the site we deliver the range of artists who will come to Christchurch from many different regions and cultural backgrounds; from places as diverse as China, Mexico, Denmark, the UK, South Korea, Sweden, Germany, Australia as well as home-grown New Zealand talent.

The heart of any arts festival is the thrill of live performance with the unique connection between an artist and their audience. The CAF programme traverses dance, music, spoken word, visual art, theatre and comedy. You’ll find it all: there’s the shocking, and then there is Shakespeare; there are killer songs and stories about killers; there are clowns, crooners, chefs, ... and construction workers.

Our initial engagement with the CAF proved to be massively successful, with online ticket sales exceeded previous benchmarks by over 200%.  This sustained success provided the groundwork for a long-standing partnership that continues today.

Our heavily sponsored investment in the Festivals sector has continued for a decade because it is clear how critical a digital platform is to these type of cultural events. Our sense of community runs deep and we know that our expertise is invaluable to the charitable sector.

Our support of highly creative causes perfectly aligns with our deeply held belief in the power of design.

This is something that the entire NV team embrace.


Artistic excellence

The Christchurch Arts Festival brings the best of both New Zealand and international acts to the city every second year.

“Giving people easy online access to the festival, means we’re better able to meet the high expectations placed on us as a leading arts organisation.”

Deane Simmonds General Manager

Seamless path to purchase

By integrating support for multiple booking agents, we delivered a simple pathway for festival goers to purchase their tickets from a single source.