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Exceptional stays, remarkable accomodation.

Selling a luxury experience online starts with the first click.  So when we worked with Fable Hotels & Resort, we knew we needed to create a website experience that matched the hotel experience… from the very first moment. 

Fable is a leading brand in New Zealand luxury hotels, offering high-end accomodation and unforgettable experiences. The brand currently offer four boutique hotels spread across the country;  in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.  And with four more locations in development; in Auckland, Picton, Hanmer Springs and Queenstown, we knew we needed to create a website that would grow with the business.


Working alongside the brand designers at Strategy Creative, we took a design first approach for the website development project. Knowing we needed to create something special from the outset, we looked at ways of adapting the brand to the screen that supported the brand positioning.

We created a one-of-a-kind opening animation on the homepage,  that utilised Fable’s new branding and custom illustrations. A luxurious addition to the site that doesn’t distract from the sites main objective - taking bookings. 

The booking tool sits front and centre, positioned above the fold on both desktop and mobile. Website visitors can check room availability and rates in just a few clicks with no scrolling required.

The brands colour scheme is beautifully luxurious. Simple, refined, dark and moody it oozes opulence and sets the tone for what customers can expect at the hotel.


The project also included the development of two restaurant websites: Cooke’s Restaurant and The Press Club.  Based on the brief each website is designed on a similar framework which helped streamline the development process. 

While the templates are the same, design variables such as the colours, fonts and logo help us create two unique web design experiences. Delicate features of the Fable site were able to be  incorporated too including thin arrows, thin outlines and simple navigation. And a photography-led design approach, let us use imagery tell the story. 

The development included templates for menus/drinks, functions/events, people/team profiles, galleries, contact pages and a location module or map with specific details. A third party app integration was completed for restaurant reservations, vouchers and gift cards. 

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Analysis shows most of our clients website users are browsing from their mobiles, making a mobile centric design approach critical. For Fable this meant creating more than just a beautiful design it meant making sure commercially important web functions (like bookings) were easily executed on the small screen.

Desktop Site

From the colour scheme to the finer details, the design needed to convey the cosy but luxurious experience guests will experience.

Opening Animation

First time users are greeted with a unique animation when loading the site for the first time. Pulling in elements of the branding together including custom illustrations, the animation hints at what they user can expect from a boutique hotel experience.

Cooke's Restaurant

We developed a light and bright website for Cooke’s, it’s simple and clean design is enhanced with large professional imagery, and luxurious touches like gold text.

The Press Club

While the Press Club website, utilises the same template. It’s dark and moody colours scheme gives it an entirely different feel to Cookes Restaurant. The dark colour scheme combined with the use of large photography give the site a high-end luxury feel.