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Fire & Emergency NZ Mobile Response Application

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Fire & Emergency New Zealand
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UX Design

Fire & Emergency New Zealand Mobile Response App

Fire & Emergency New Zealand (previously the NZ Fire Service) is the last bastion of safety, tasked with protecting people and property in times of emergency.

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch in 2012, resulting in the loss of 185 lives, the Fire Service undertook a frank review of operating practices. This highlighted a number of key areas where improvements could be made to how it manages emergency incidents.

Incidents managed by Fire & Emergency NZ are very fluid. One of the key factors driving safety is the accuracy of information that supports situational awareness. Often the information the response team received was outdated as the situation had changed since dispatched from the station. Updates were handled verbally on the ground or via radio, in often challenging and dangerous situations.


This insight gave birth to the Mobile Response App (MRA), a cross-platform mobile application running on Windows, iOS & Android powered 10-12 inch tablet devices.

Delivered as a true collaboration between FENZ, NV and Intergen, the MRA project is a triumph of design led thinking delivering real world results.

Targeted to reach


firefighters when fully deployed

Embracing people before technology is one of the key lessons learnt during the research, discovery & pilot phase. The successful path to the MRA pilot can be attributed to a combination of people, culture & getting everyone on-board, including the business & most importantly the frontline firefighters themselves.

A perfect outcome of design-led thinking.