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NV Play, redefining the game of cricket through technology

At NV, we have a passion for sport and in particular, cricket.  From our extensive work over the past decade with not only the England and Wales Cricket Board and New Zealand Cricket, we understand not only the specific needs of the professional cricket user, but also the untapped potential offered by the immense amounts of data that the game of cricket is built around.

It is this vision that has formed the core of the NV Play platform, a comprehensive professional cricket technology platform designed for needs of the elite & high-end recreational user.  NV Play is a global cloud-connected cricket scoring & analytics solution already in use by hundreds of clubs & teams to score tens of thousands of matches across the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

NV’s pedigree in cricket technology solutions started in 2004 when we developed live scoring software for CricInfo (now owned by ESPN) to replace their aging internal system. Today ESPN still use our system to deliver real-time ball-by-ball scoring for almost every international & first class match played globally.

We have also worked with New Zealand Cricket for over a decade, delivering a range of live scoring, high performance and other operational solutions which are mission critical & heavily used.  We have also delivered the NZ Cricket website ( and its supporting apps for over 10 years now.

We also provide the England & Wales Cricket Board an elite high performance video analysis system used by the England team and all 18 counties.

NV Play brings this robust high performance cricket platform to the professional & top-end recreational community through a design led, modern, flexible user interface.  In doing so, we can drive value top-down from first class  to other levels of the game through a holistic, unified, platform-based approach.

NV Play is built from the ground up to embrace Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications including automation, prediction and insights for coaching and player development.  It is designed as a single platform that can be scaled & configured to suit the specific needs and resources of individual clubs & users. 

With NV Play, we intend to fundamentally change the nature of the game itself, whilst embracing the spirit of the game that we love.


Democratisation of live data sharing for all

Players, coaches, match referees, and other stakeholders can monitor the match in real time on any device. A comprehensive suite of widgets are also provided for embedding of live ball by ball video scorecard & statistics into team, club, county or national body websites. Additionally, automated social sharing of score and video highlights allows greater fan engagement.

Scoreboard and replay screen output

Comprehensive support for LED and traditional scoreboards built right in, including direct or wireless via our hardware partners. Where supported, clever replay screen output is built in, requiring minimal input from the scorer to power an exceptional at-ground experience. A variety of slide formats are provided out of the box, tailored for multiple formats of cricket, and replay screens of different sizes and capabilities.

“The introduction of the NV Play Cricket platform has been tremendously successful, and has exciting implications for the ‘democratisation’ of elite analysis capabilities through the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, bringing them to the recreational cricketer.

Taking advantage of the exciting possibilities presented by cloud technology helps the England and Wales Cricket Board to enable more people to play and enjoy the game of cricket.”

Damian Smith Head of IT, England and Wales Cricket Board