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Ravensdown is one of New Zealand's most successful farmer owned cooperatives, existing to optimise soil fertility and profitability for its customers. Ravensdown went through a re-brand with a new identity unveiled. With the re-brand Ravensdown identified that their website no longer met the needs of the organisation from a brand or a technical perspective.

We collaborated with Ravensdown to update and modernise the public-facing website to deliver a compelling view of the of the organisation and its overall positioning in the marketplace given its history, expertise and forward-thinking focus. We built a website with modern web publishing technologies that are well supported in the web community, flexible, and fit for function.

The goal of the Ravensdown website was to create a digital engagement strategy that continuously generates engaging and user-friendly content that targets Ravensdown consumers, scientists, researchers and other expert practitioners who help make Ravensdown leaders in the industry. While displaying the content in a modern design, optimised across devices so it displays nicely on mobile, tablet and desktop. 

Part of the discovery and definition phase involved establishing a clear picture of the Information Architecture and visualising this through wireframes and functional specifications. 

During the implementation of the website the design personality was crafted, creating a clear and concise structure along side an appealing digital experience through the use of authentic photography and clean typography.


Information Architecture

The content structure has been considered in a way that increases user engagement and creates a vibrant, yet informative digital presence.

Consumer relevance

A major goal was to develop and execute a content strategy that aligned with Ravensdown rebrand and include a new tone of voice. Culminating in an increase of user engagement and creatively highlighting the extensive range of Ravensdown products & services available.

On the go

A primary focus was to implement a responsive website allowing users to easily browse products, safety and handling information and order products online.