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Revera CloudCreator self-service portal

As New Zealand’s leading provider of cloud services, Spark-owned Revera needs to stay at the top of its game, proactively evolving its offerings. That means not only having the most solid and reliable cloud capabilities, but also having an intuitive and seamless way for customers to create and manage their cloud services.

Enter CloudCreator – Revera’s single gateway to all cloud services.  CloudCreator provides a single view of all services including user-friendly dashboards for customers to manage their entire cloud ecosystem. CloudCreator enables users to spin-up servers, connect storage, deploy apps and access local & global cloud services – all in one place.

Revera’s existing cloud portal was no longer fit for purpose. It had served as a technical proof of concept but Revera’s business had changed. Revera customers needed a cohesive digital experience that can takes advantage of a self-service model that caters for individual needs - irrespective of role or level of technical skills. A new approach was required.

To achieve the level of customer-centricity Revera needed, CloudCreator had to be reimagined from the ground up. The redefined information architecture was a significant departure from the existing tool, so even the foundations were stripped bare to give the team the blank slate it needed. A lift and shift approach was never an option.

We made extensive use of personas, user journeys and wireframes and prototypes to test the UX model and validate assumptions. This tried and proven UX approach was transformative for Revera and worked in harmony with Revera’s Agile development methodology.

The CloudCreator UI is focused on simplicity & honest design. It is the result of a study of both digital & physical product design to bring to a dashboard that has a familiar yet innovative feeling. The design came from a wild range of inspirations, starting from Dieter Rams' Braun product design, applying its "10 rules of good design" that lead to simplification & optimisation.

The delivery of the reimagined CloudCreator was a truly collaborative process with a multi-partner, multi-location distributed team comprised of both Revera and NV team members.  Revera lead the orchestration & automation aspects of the larger project, NV leading the UX, design and application development, with both disciplinary teams co-delivering the constantly evolving API layer that underpins the CloudCreator platform.

The result is an hard working, yet elegant & detailed design system that enables Revera customers to easily create, manage & maintain their cloud services.


A human centered approach to business

The reinvention of CloudCreator was driven first & foremost by Revera’s business goals & the needs of their customers – not by any specific technology. By applying a design thinking methodology we were able to look at complex & competing problems from more than one perspective, consider options & test solutions to yield a richer result.

Since the new CloudCreator was launched in 2017, there has been over


increase in transactions processed per month, every month.

“Our goal for CloudCreator was to amplify the management of multi-cloud services. So we wanted to put a beautiful skin on a complex engine. And that’s why adding NV Interactive's user experience & design expertise to the project team was such a crucial factor in it's success.”

Robin Cockayne Chief Executive Officer