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Gary Cockram Hyundai and Isuzu

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Gary Cockram Hyundai and Isuzu
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Gary Cockram's multi-brand digital platform

The Cockram family can trace its automotive retailing history back over three generations, from when Bill Cockram opened a used vehicle sale yard at his home on Dacre Street, Christchurch back in 1940. Son Gary Cockram started Gary Cockram Ltd in the 1970s, later joined by grandson Dougal, and together they have overseen a period of significant expansion to build what is today a leader in the New Zealand motor vehicle industry.

Heavily leveraging this long family history and a near fanatical dedication to serving their customers, we were tasked with driving a new level of digital performance while putting a fresh spin on this crowded, competitive sector.

The automotive market place can be a busy and cluttered space, so a clean and clear approach was taken to display the navigational hierarchy and product information in an easy to consume and digestible manner.  Whilst feeding the user's visual appetite, we needed to be sure all relevant information was presented in an intuitive way as the target audience could be broad and encompassing, young and old.

The reimagined website needed to be easy to use, and have clear calls to action that spoke with an inclusive, supportive and uncomplicated tone of voice. The new platform needed to deliver dynamic aspirational imagery and provide detailed technical specifications in a manner that was not intimidating, but instead gave confidence and raised understanding, appetite and excitement to book a test drive.

Under the hood, we delivered a robust digital platform which enabled and supported all business functions and content editors to operate collaboratively, with the adaptability and flexibility to create content pages and service all aspects of site autonomously and with confidence.

Technically too, the website needed to seamlessly consume multiple third-party API data sources for used cars sales, after sales parts and car servicing schedules - all presented in an easily digestible and accessible way regardless of a user’s digital fluency.

The project from start to completion was a pleasure to work on and a privilege to be involved with, particularly when both parties shared common values toward their client relationships.