Viva la cheeky!

World Buskers Festival

World Buskers Festival
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World Buskers Festival

In January 2017 the streets of Christchurch were transformed into the ‘Comic Republic Of Busk’. A bright, silly, happy place where being a bit daft rules and the catch cry is ‘Viva La Cheeky!’


Proud partnership

NV has had a strong relationship and been a proud partner with the World Buskers Festival since 2008. 2017 was a special year for Buskers after a 4 year hiatus they returned to their sacred home at the newly refurbished Arts Centre.

We're taking back the streets

In 2017 Buskers had its best year to date with an incredible amount of bookings and social interactions coming from online.


• 98% of bookings purchased through • 35% of bookings were multis (due to improved user experience) • The highest revenue & most sold out shows ever in Buskers History!

The 2017 Buskers broke all records for ticket sales. A key reason for this is the engaging & intuitive website delivered by NV that makes ticket sales seamless.

Melissa Haberfield Festival Director